Startup Israel: The Entrepreneurs Who Transformed An Economy

Join us in discovering why Israel could be the next Silicon Valley for global startups – and what we may learn from it’s best founders.

«What’s going on?», sang Marvin Gaye in 1972.

45 years later –  in 2017 – this is going on: the 4th industrial revolution.

As many as 30% of our current jobs could be wiped out in the years to come due to robotics and new technology!

One of the hottest seedbeds for this revolution happens to be Israel. Join us in presenting the story of how entrepreneurs transformed a whole economy – and what cities and nations elsewhere may learn from it as well. 

«Startup Israel» is the second book on the theme from authors Hermund Haaland and Nicolai Strøm-Olsen. The first one, distributed to thousands of entrepreneurs and students across Europe and launched in Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, Moscow and Oslo in 2016/17 – was called «Startup Europe». We really look forward to continue our journey exploring the exiting topics of entrepreneurship across the globe. 

Risks and challenges


– Access to key players in the Israeli ecosystem for startups 
– Ability to spread the e-book to target groups across the world

How we will handle these:

– Through Oslo’s annual innovation week, we have gained access to key people in Israel who are able to connect us to interesting interview objects. We prooved this to work for Startup Europe.

– For Startup Europe, we were able to make alliances and distribute the book ourselves in a way that between 40 and 50.000 students and entrepreneurs had access to our e-books. We ourselves handed out 4000 books in Norway, Belgium, Germany and Portugal.

Personbilde av Vegard Husabø

Vegard Husabø

Vegard Husabø er påtroppende administrativ leder i Skaperkraft. Han har tidligere vært pris- og kategorisjef i Telia Norge og har jobbet med salg av IT-prosjekter i Capgemini. Han har en …

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