Online seminar on populism

Ignore, confront or dialogue? The Church´s Response to Populism.

We need to voice a theology of 1) Resilience, 2) Co-existance across world-views and 3) of hope to face fear as we face populism and other global challenges, proposes Archbishop Antje Jackélen of Sweden.

In collaboration with the Lutheran World Federation and the Church of Norway, think tank Skaperkraft hosted this webinar on June 25th 2020, featuring among others the Archbishop of Uppsala (Sweden), Antje Jackélen and prof. Luke Bretherton from Duke University (US).

How should churches respond to populism? Political leaders are gaining support by demanding closure of borders, and they claim to be the foremost defenders of Europe’s Christian heritage. What is the responsibility of local and national church leaders? How do we represent the inclusive nature of the church in society amidst a changing political landscape that is currently impacted by COVID-19? This webinar aims to help prepare church leaders on all levels to guide their churches as they navigate these changing political landscapes. Our perspective will be mainly European, but we believe the discussions and theological reflections will have a broader global relevance.

Watch the seminar here.

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