The future of Lebanon

The future of Lebanon

12. August 2020

Decades of secterian politics, an influx of 1,5 million refugees, covid19, a failed state, the currency losing 80% of its value - and on top of it: last week`s blast making 300.000 homeless. Join us HERE ON FB as we look at where Lebanon may go to get out of the pit - and once again shine as a multi-religous beacon to the rest of the Middle East.


- Wadia Khoury (PhD, education and law, University of Saint Joseph), currently tutoring at the Lebanese University and at St. Joseph`s University. Through Initiatives of Change as well as with other NGOs, she has extensive experience working on reconciliation projects in Lebanon.

- Martin Accad (PhD, Oxford University) is the Chief Academic Officer and Ass. Prof of Islamic studies at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut and is the author of several books, including Sacred Misinterpretation - Reaching across the Christian - Muslim divide.




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