About Skaperkraft

The think tank Skaperkraft was founded in Oslo on April 29th, 2011 by 70 individuals affiliated to most Christian denominations in the country. These founders have their daily occupation within most sectors of society, including the academic, political, business, health and educational sectors.


Skaperkraft is to stimulate reflection, debate and engage people to actively and positively participate in the building of society.

Skaperkraft is based on the thinking that each individual human being has infinite value and on our common responsibility for the development of sustainable and inclusive communities in our European societies.

Skaperkraft is inspired by the foundational values of the Bible and by classical Christian thinking, as it among other places is expressed in the Cape Town Commitment (LausanneⅢ)


Skaperkraft engages in the following activities to reach its goals:

  • The writing of commentaries and letters to the editors in most major Norwegian newspapers: We currently publish 2-4 of these monthly.
  • Books, reports and other publications: We are currently publishing a monthly in-depth paper on a specific topic. In addition, we have till now published 4 books on the concerns of (1) the role of faith in the society, (2) the importance of innovation in our oil-dominated economy, (3) how Christian values in the Norwegian constitution have affected the development of our society, and (4) human trafficking and the black economy.
  • Events: We host monthly seminars/working group meetings for our connected writers, partners or the public.
  • Leadership training: We equip, challenge and inspire young Christian leaders to take ownership of the development of the society through our yearly leadership training course. This year, for the first time, we arranged European Emerging Leaders Forum - to address the challenges Europe is currently facing and equip and inspire young leaders to face these challenges and create changes.


Hermund Haaland – International Director: He holds a masters degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), as well as a Bachelor of history from the University of Bergen (UiB). He has four years of political experience from the city council of Bergen (2003-07) with the Christian Democratic Party (KrF) and is a serial entrepreneur.

Filip Rygg – Director of Communication

Håkon Pettersen – Advisor

The think tank has several affiliated project managers working pro bono.

Contact us

Tankesmien Skaperkraft
Grensen 3
0159 OSLO
Pho: +47 92039201
E-mail: post@skaperkraft.no

Postal address:

Tankesmien Skaperkraft
Pb 1756
0122 OSLO


We welcome your contributions. Please contact us for details.

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